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Aquametrica gebouwAquaMetrica is an organisation derived from a Life Sciences project spin-off of Van Hall Larenstein. AquaMetrica is the owner of the intelectual property (Europees patentnumber 1449436) of biologic waterbed conditioners and ecological biodegradable vinyl cleaners. AquaMetrica's waterbed conditioner is the only real biologic waterbed conditioner in the world. 


Revolutionary Project

In the field of new waterbed conditioners AquaMetrica has achieved revolutiony results in cooperations with the Research Centre of the Wageningen University . In depth research and testing has resulted in a broader view regarding waterbed conditioners. By thesem means we have been able to develop and produce a highly effective waterbed conditioner on the basis of biotechnology.


Intensive Research & Developmentvullen

Before production this biologic waterbed conditioner has been tested intensely during two years of practical research. The biologic waterbed conditioner has proven its effectivenes on the market already for 10 years and receives just positive responses. 



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Mr. M.P. Walther Boer

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