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1. Can AquaBio biological waterbed conditioner be used in a waterbed where a chemical waterbed conditioner has already been used?

Yes, AquaBio can also work in a waterbed when the chemical conditioner has stopped working – so wait until the chemical conditioner has stopped working, this should take about a month. Then, without refilling the bed, you add AquaBio's organic waterbed conditioner.

2. How do I maintain my waterbed?

In a waterbed, a biological waterbed conditioner (AquaBio) should be added regularly to prevent air problems. In addition, unlike ordinary mattresses, a water bed does not allow perspiration or other substances such as mites, skin scales, bacteria and fungi. This has the advantage that a waterbed is often more hygienic. A water mattress has a detachable cover, which is easy to wash. The duvet must be left open for at least 2 hours each day so that the perspiration moisture can evaporate from the cover and the cover. You also need to clean the vinyl every 3 months with a special cleaning agent such as AquaBio's ecological vinyl cleaner.

3. I bought a bottle of conditioner stating that it is biodegradable.

Is this a biological waterbed conditioner? No, this is just a chemical waterbed conditioner. Every product is biodegradable. If you bury a car in the ground it is also biodegradable, only this will take more than 10,000 years before it will be completely resolved.

4. Do the AquaBio products fit through the letterbox?

Yes, the AquaBio conditioner 140 ml and the AquaBio ecological vinyl cleaner 140 ml can both fit through the mailbox.

5. Is it safe to work with the micro-organisms present in AquaBio?

Yes, AquaBio's micro-organisms fall into risk group 1 of the TRBA (Technische Regeln für Biologische Arbeitsstoffen). This is a risk group that includes the most innocent micro-organisms, such as those used for cheese and beer preparation.

6. How much experience is there with the AquaBed biological waterbed conditioner?

AquaBio has been on the market for 10 years, and is being used in over 800,000 beds. The experience of the waterbed dealers is very positive. The conditioner has been developed by AquaMetrica, which has years of experience in water research. This has been done in collaboration with Wageningen University.


7. Does the composition of the vinyl (type / brand) play a role in the operation of the biological waterbed conditioner?

No, the AquaBio products can be used in any type and brand of waterbed. AquaBio products do not adversely affect vinyl and stabilization.

8. Does the water in the waterbed mattress need tob e refilled?

No, refilling the water is not necessary if you always use AquaBio's organic waterbed conditioner.

9. When I warm up my waterbed, does this affect the efficacy of AquaBio biological waterbed conditioner?

No, this does not affect the operation. AquaBio's biological conditioner consists of high numbers of water purifying micro-organisms that live optimally at temperatures between 24 ° C and 38 ° C.

10. How important is maintenance for my waterbed?

If maintenance is not performed, an incorrect water environment is created. So, AquaBio organic waterbed conditioner should be added 1 or 2 times a year. This keeps the water clean so it does not need to be refreshed. Transpiratory fluid and body salts can affect the vinyl and dry it out. That's why the vinyl needs to be cleaned every 3 months with AquaBio’s special ecological vinyl cleaner.

11. Why AquaBio’s biological waterbed conditioner?

Only AquaBio supplies a truly 100% biological alternative in a market dominated by chemical conditioner.

12. Why no chemical conditioner?

These chemical conditioners are harmful to humans and the environment. Below are some points regarding chemical conditioners: - Harmful to the environment - No complete effect (bacteria are not completely extinct) - Chance of bacterial resistance - Harmful to humans

13. What is the operation of AquaBio biological waterbed conditioner?

AquaBio water bed conditioner consists of high numbers of water-purifying micro-organisms. These water-purifying micro-organisms do not produce gas or stench. These water-purifying micro-organisms keep the water in the waterbed in good condition.

14. What is the initial and subsequent dose of the AquaBio waterbed conditioner?

For a new or existing water mattress, add 1 vial of 140 ml per mattress. Next, AquaBio can be added every 6 to 12 months (depends on the type of AquaBio, 6 months concentrate or 12 months concentrate).

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